Client Testimonials

Victoria C., Estate's Personal Representative:

"There were many different struggles that we had to endure throughout the process, the greatest was that the property was inhabited by a number of squatters who were threatening to invoke their TOPA rights [as well as] one lone long term tenant, who also threatened to invoke TOPA to prevent the sale of the property. This was incomprehensible to me that the sale of a property could be so burdensome and overwhelming, however, The Zupancic Group made it happen!"

Patrick G., Attorney:

"I represented the sellers, which happened to be two estates of long time owners of the property. We chose to work with Grant and Marty because we knew that had a strong track record of dealing with TOPA issues, along with a great reputation in the market."

John and Lou C., Real Estate Developer:

"We were particularly impressed with the controlled process and cohesive message from The Zupancic Group, as well as the synergy with which they worked from listing to closing. Whether we spoke to Marty, Grant, or Christian we knew each was fully aware of the current situation and able to offer sound advice for the circumstance. Under Marty's leadership they helped navigate an extremely complex and uncommon transactional process."

Michael F. (Esq.), Title Attorney:

"The Zupancic Group have a thorough knowledge of the District's TOPA and Rent Control Laws and they were fully prepared with all documentation required to give confidence to the Title Insurer. In fact, the documentation package provided was far and away the best I have ever received."

Mark K., Real Estate Developer:

"The Zupancic Group professionally represented the Seller while still assisting me (Buyer) with information and insights that convinced me to raise my final bid and bolstered my confidence in submitting the winning offer."

"Grant's market knowledge of Shaw and his unique perspective on how the neighborhood is evolving was eye opening. His knowledge of all competitive market product was a valuable resource in my analysis."

Kenneth J., Private Investor:

"I have worked with quite a few Real Estate professionals over many years (I'm 72) and will happily admit that in my opinion The Zupancic Group is the very best I've dealt with – ever, in 3 states (NY, LA, MD) that I've bought and sold property in the past.

They initially worked with me to identify the pros and cons of selling my building and we put together a strategy to position it for the market. Because they fully understood the neighborhood my property was located in and have intimate knowledge of DC's more complex real estate related issues, they were able to proactively market the property in the best light and achieve a sales price that exceeded all of our expectations. Given the short time frame that I've owned the property the results were no less than amazing."

Victoria C., Estate's Personal Representative:

"Grant was exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, kind, and overall amazing through this entire process, even when we thought the deal would fall through numerous times, he remained calm and optimistic that we would see it through. I would highly recommend Grant Fitzgerald to anyone who would ever need a broker in any area he is working in, he is phenomenal and I truly cannot say enough about him."

"Grant was always there for me to answer all of my endless questions regarding the sale of the property, so much so that he was answering questions on the eve of his own wedding! It was amazing when we learned that he was still dealing with the purchasers and our questions and problems when one of the most important days of his own life was upon him."

Pamela W., Private Investor:

"The team's extensive experience and knowledge of the DC multifamily market was tremendously crucial. Through the coordination of The Zupancic Group, they were able to help me identify a great multifamily opportunity to perform a 1031 exchange from the proceeds of the sale."

Anne M., Estate's Personal Representative:

"You deserve kudos for sticking to it and making it happen. Thank you so very much for all the effort and time and persistence, not to mention, expertise, you put into dealing with me… and all the other people involved. I am forever grateful to you, and am so glad you kept on pursuing my brother to get him to give me your number."

Elaine K., Private Investor:

"The Zupancic Group was able to help us navigate a difficult and complex partnership situation in order to sell the property and were a pleasure to work with toward that end… I genuinely enjoyed working with them and knew every step of the way that they were protecting our best interests. I would highly recommend them."

Vendarryl J., Private Investor:

"Throughout the entire process, The Zupancic Group clearly laid out next steps, anticipated possible issues that might arise, provided me with marketing reports of their marketing efforts and buyer feedback, constantly sent me updates, and took the time to make sure I clearly understood each step of the transaction and how it affected me. Because of this I was empowered to make key choices along the way and knew that they were looking out for my best interest."

Carlton J., Private Investor:

"The Zupancic Group's steady, consistent approach helped calm my partners and my nerves and concerns while he navigated us through the treacherous terrain we call the DC multifamily real estate market."

Jack K., Private Investor:

"The Zupancic Group toured over three dozen groups through the property in just 30 days and procured over a dozen written offers, which they organized and presented to me. Ultimately the property went under contract at approximately 10% over the asking price."