The Zupancic Group is geographically focused in the Washington, DC Metro area and is product type focused on multifamily (apartments). This narrow focus allows our team to drill down into the many neighborhoods that make up the DMV on a microscopic level, understanding what drivers are influencing any given neighborhood at any given time. We pride ourselves in our ability to forecast changes in rent growth, neighborhood amenities that influence renter demand, as well as investor, developer, and government sentiment toward any one submarket relative to any another.

We are constantly delving into what our clients want to achieve, how a multifamily asset operates, and how the specific geographic submarket and its drivers influence an owner's operations as well as investor appetite for units based on supply, demand and transactional velocity. Our knowledge of the Washington, DC area has also allowed our team to become experts in navigating TOPA (Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act), DC Rent Control, as well as other factors that are unique to this particular municipality.